All in the Family


All in the Family

Someone asked me about the giraffe photo in the slider (on the main page) so I thought I would post the full image. Yes I took the photo (the slider only reflects a portion).

Anyone can enjoy the younger and older giraffes at feeding time in the morning at The Living Desert in Indio/Palm Springs. At times it looks like they are walking the savannah. The Living Dessert is a beautiful zoo where you can witness arid climate animals in their “natural” habitat, enjoy some eco and sustainable gardening tips and sit under the trees near a natural hot spring. If you ever have the time I recommend going. It was a beautiful place to walk around.

But why this photo?

I love the soft elegance of the giraffe and the connectedness with the young. As one was drinking, the others are near but mom is close. As seen in the picture, whether it’s a nudge, a snuggle or tap she lets you know she’s there.

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