Let’s Rewind – Get Out the Vote

Let’s Rewind – Get Out the Vote

M&M has been celebrating its birthday this year, so I had to post this old school project for getting out the vote (click link above). Is it timing or what? I was very tempted to update it.


I still grudgingly laugh at the statistics on how many came out to vote for the new M&M color yet can’t find the time to vote in primary or general elections. This continues to happen with newer generations and newer platforms such as American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and other corporate brand extensions. How many Facebook or Twitter surveys have you taken?


Now, the bottom line is we know that you can vote.


Your vote does matter and with this election, it will matter more than elections past. So, if you haven’t registered to vote yet please do.

For the State of California, the deadline to register the primary here in California is May 23 and October 24 for the main election in November.


You can get more information via the Secretary of State. For local friends in Los Angeles and Orange County please visit the Orange County Registrar of Voters or Los County Registrar/County Clerk.

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