Life is a Bear


Life is a Bear

The Bear and the Bull are two new paintings (diptych) illustrating the enveloping clash that has taken hold of our times and this election in particular. Often, the bear and the bull represent the cycles of the financial market. However, perhaps they can be more. Perhaps they are more. Perhaps these fierce and hungry beasts reflect our society and democracy as a whole.
In thinking about this conflict, I imagined the bear as a pillar of justice bracing for his load roar and the fight ahead. But then there is the bull or the money…oh the money.

It is there, it is strong and it is a force to be dealt with.

Looking at it this way, the longer I thought about it, the more I realized this clash has always been there. It is just rising to higher extremes as there is significantly more on the line for many Americans.
In the past, the bear and the bull have known their place and have played their part. Yet now they stand firm. Roles are being challenged. Fairness is fighting to make an appearance. Perhaps justice is ready to put that bull back in its pen.


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