I love to stop. I love to observe. I love to see. It is fun to see “new” things in everyday places.


My love for learning means I always have my hands in different things. I always want to play, create and collaborate. Curiosity and desire make it hard to live in a box. The mediums and the technologies are tools, symbols and the instruments of communication, emotion and many times change. In creating this site, I wanted to provide a taste of my work and images I enjoy. They reflect the things I see, the things I question and the things I am struggling to understand.


I hope you enjoy. And please know, this site is a work-in-progress as well as a new learning opportunity. Please pardon the appearance as this site is currently being updated and should be complete soon.


Thank you and have a wonderful Spring.

Cheri Hierbaum

© 2016 Cheri Hierbaum

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The Fountain
The Fountain (2010)