Let Me Introduce Myself

My skills, services and capabilities.

My name is Cheri Hierbaum and I am an artist and graphic designer currently residing in Southern California.


Having worked as both an accountant and an attorney, I continue to bring my business knowledge and advocacy skills to my art practice including the art of writing, editing and understanding. An out of the box thinker, I always like to ask questions.


I have a passion for human happiness and dignity and to that end I have always worked towards civil and human rights. It has led me to work with non-profits, entrepreneurs, government agencies and personal causes.


Many current issues today are complex and are integrated into other complex issues. This gives rise to an overwhelming sense of infiniteness. Through my work, I tackle topics and break them into the most human and understandable core element(s). As they say, a brick is not a wall but with each brick I lay I hope to make the world a better place. 

I hope you enjoy my site. If you would like to collaborate on a project or purchase art please contact me at inquire@openyourminddesigns.net. A CV can be made available to credible inquiries.

Creative Tools

Artists like to play with different materials. I work in acrylic, oil, watercolor, ink and charcoal and am looking forward to doing more mixed media.

Let’s Talk Tech

Design and communication tools range from the personal smile or “hello” to the technical. Digital tools I use in pursuit of writing, design and photography include the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office and various iOS apps relating to photography, social media and communication.

Photo by Jessica Young (Switzerland)